Featuring Green Algorithms: The Oxford Scientist

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I had the opportunity to present our work about Green Algorithms at the Varsity Sci conference between Oxford and Cambridge (recording here and slides here), it was a brilliant event and Gemma Penson from The Oxford Scientist wrote an article about it.

Climate change is one of the most critical emergencies humankind and our planet face on a daily basis. Amidst the current pandemic, the situation is not getting any better, with a severe reduction in recycling and mass production of disposable masks. For anyone determined to reduce their environmental damage and who is passionate about science, one of the computing talks given by Oxbridge’s Varsity Scientific Symposium offers an interesting perspective.

Hosted by Loïc Lannelongue, a Health Data Scientist at Cambridge University, the talk explored quantifying and raising awareness about the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by algorithmic computations. The project, which aims to make algorithms ‘greener’, was born after the shock caused by the Australian bushfires in January 2020 and has resulted in an open source, online calculator[1] being created.

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