Featuring Green Algorithms: The Radboud UMC Green Lab Initiative

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We had a chat about Green Algorithms with Estel Collado Camps who is part of Radboud UMC’s Green Lab Initiative, a great initiative which looks at ways to reduce the environmental impact of lab work.

She wrote a blog post about her discoveries about the carbon footprint of IT equipment, very much worth reading!

Research-related computation has an environmental impact. It is just as serious as plastic and hazardous chemicals. After reading about the CO2 footprint of e-mails, I started thinking about the costs of data storage and processing. Did you know that datacentres already account for more CO2 emissions than the US aviation sector? In a journey full of surprises, I found out that we all can optimise our IT use. And it is NOT about turning off your camera during Zoom meetings.

The full post here